Remove Body Hair

Removing Body Hair Easily

Remove Body Hair

How To Remove Body Hair?

Methods to remove body hair have not changed all that much over time. Most can be done at home on your own and sometimes with the help of a friend; as well most salons and spas offer an assortment of treatments.

Remove Body Hair By Threading?

Threading could be used to remove body hair but is most commonly used for facial hair. This is an old but still popular way of hair removal from the East. A cotton thread is wrapped around the hair and it is plucked.  Because you do more than one hair at a time, this can be quite painful. This method might be a bit tricky to do on yourself as it does take a fair bit of practice. Basically it is a form of epilating, as it removes the complete hair above and below the skin.  More about threading here…

Remove Body Hair By Sugaring?

Sugaring is similar to waxing but without the wax.  You will need a supply of pre cut cotton strips, sugar, water, lemon juice and some cornstarch. You can purchase the solution pre made or make your own, recipes can be found on the internet. It seems a big part of the success of this treatment is getting the mixture correct. This method can be used to remove body hair as well as facial hair. It is used in the same fashion as waxing, cover the skin in the area to be treated with cornstarch so the sugar does not stick to the skin.  Next apply the mixture with a wooden stick, like a Popsicle stick, directly to the hair to be removed. Cover this with a clean cotton strip, press to make sure all the hairs are covered, and then remove in the opposite direction of the hair growth quickly. Clean up is much easier with sugar than wax as it is water soluble.

Remove Body Hair By Shaving?

The fastest way to remove body hair has to be shaving…

Shaving is one of the quickest and best known ways of dealing with effective hair removal.  Straight razors can be traced back for a few hundred years at least. For generations the trip to the barber shop for a cut and shave was a sign of the passage from childhood to manhood.  The invention of the safety razor, electric razor and the disposable razor has seen the straight razor go the way of the Dodo bird. That being said shaving is still a very popular form of the daily hair removal battle.  Most men still start the morning with a shave only to have the 5 o’clock shadow. Shaving is also a common way to clean up legs and armpits. With care and sometimes a little help almost every part of the human body can be shaved. But beware there are some drawbacks to shaving; these include irritation of the skin, cuts and nicks. As well when the hair starts to regrow it can be quite itchy and you have to be careful for ingrown hairs. Although the old methods are tried and true they can have poor results you might want to try one of the newer solutions that have been proven effective to remove body hair permanently.  More about shaving here…

There are many more ways to remove body hair.  More methods available by clicking here.

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