Eyebrow Tutorial – Free Do It Yourself Tutorial

Eyebrow Tutorial – I Show You – Learn ‘How To’ Yourself

This is my personal eyebrow tutorial of how to do your eyebrows at home


As I do my own eyebrows, you can see what tricks us ‘professionals’ use. This is the general shape I have done which will suit most face shapes and is done using tweezers only.


Tools You’ll Need

Spooly brush or disposable mascara wand, cuticle scissors, angled/slant tweezers,pointed tweezers, brow shadow (taupe for blondes, brown range for everyone else), stiff brow shadow brush, pencil (to line up the angles)


  • With a disposable mascara wand or spooly brush, brush the hairs upward to prepare for next step.
  • With a pair of scissors, trim any hairs that are longer than your brow shape.
  • With angled tweezers, pluck areas above and below the brows, grabbing a couple at a time.
  • With pointed tweezers, grab stubborn single hairs and shorter ones.
  • To determine where your brow should start, hold a pencil or make-up brush along one side of your nose. Where it crosses the inner corner of your brow, that’s where it should begin.
  • Now angle the pencil across the iris; that’s where the arch should begin.
  • Angle it to the end of the outer corner of the eye; that’s where the brow should end.
  • With those angles and lengths in mind, fill in the brows using light, feathery strokes as if you were drawing individual hairs.
  • There you go, you’re done…


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Hope You Enjoy These Eyebrow Tutorials

Cindy Williams


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